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Semihandmade Solutions: Creative Updates for Discontinued Akurum Cabinets


As we’ve recently covered on the blog, the Akurum cabinet system was discontinued by Ikea in February of 2015. Not only have the cabinets been discontinued, but Ikea has already exhausted their backstock of doors, drawer fronts, and paneling for old Akurum kitchen cabinets, leaving Akurum owners all alone in their search for replacement doors and drawers. No one wants to be alone, especially at Christmas. (Dear future blog readers, this post was made in December 2015. While we're talking, what's the future like?)

Semihandmade doesn’t make doors that are identical to Ikea’s old doors—we do have some that are pretty similar—but we still want to help. We know that accidents happen, and Akurum kitchen owners may need new doors for any number of reasons.

If you bought an Akurum kitchen three years ago, it’s no fun finding out that you can’t replace a single scratched panel because Ikea doesn’t make it anymore. The Ikea 25-year warranty is great, but like all warranties (including ours), it doesn't cover everyday wear and tear such as sunlight discoloration or water damage. These issues can be small in scale too, so while Semihandmade is the first place you would go if you wanted to completely remodel your kitchen, you may not want to replace ALL of your old doors with Semihandmade doors.

With that in mind, we’ve put our heads together to figure out what Semihandmade can do to help out Akurum owners in need. We’re going to share our ideas on our blog with Semihandmade Solutions, a series of creative plans to fix or upgrade your Akurum kitchen by pairing Semihandmade and Ikea doors.

Let’s get to our first Solution.

Problem:  I purchased my Akurum kitchen in 2009 with Abstrakt High Gloss Gray door fronts. Now, after a few years of regular use, the fronts around my sink and my major appliances are starting to bubble and peel due to water and heat (the damaged fronts are marked with red X's). I don't want to replace the entire kitchen, but I don’t want to keep the damaged fronts. What can I do?

Semihandmade Akurum Bubble and Peel Solution Before

Semihandmade Akurum Bubble and Peel Solution Before

Solution:  Mix things up! With damaged panels around the sink, oven, and dishwasher, you'd be best suited replacing the entire run along the wall. Around the refrigerator, you can just replace the damaged panels to maintain symmetry between the new and existing panels.

Our Impressions line is a great compliment to many of Ikea's door styles, including Abstrakt. Priced to match Ikea's highest-end materials, Impression Smoke's subtle tone and texture bring life to a somewhat sterile kitchen. Still modern in appearance, Smoke adds warmth and elegance to the high gloss kitchen. By replacing the damaged fronts around the sink and major appliances, Smoke becomes a beautiful accent to the Akurum cabinets. On top of that, the neutral tone goes great with any counter top, back-splash, flooring or wall paint. The total cost of this project (pictured below): $2,136 USD.

Abstrakt and Smoke Semihandmade Solution Kitchen

Abstrakt and Smoke Semihandmade Solution Kitchen

Abstrakt and Smoke Semihandmade Solution Kitchen


Take a look at those example images that we created to get a look at our products alongside Ikea doors.

Ready for your new Akurum fronts?

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REMINDER: Semihandmade is not a design firm. We are happy to provide suggestions, but we can’t help you generate a design for your project. You’ll need to decide that on your own. There are also limits to what Semihandmade can provide. We want to help, but there may be some requests that are too complicated for us to handle.

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