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Adding Color with Juniper!



Somehow we’re already at the end of 2018. How crazy is that?

What’s even crazier for all of us here at Semihandmade - and we’re guessing for Sarah, too - is the fact that the month of December also marks one year since we launched our Sarah Sherman Samuel x Semihandmade line of modern beadboard doors for Ikea cabinets.

To say we’re thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from everyone out there on this first-ever collaboration is an understatement. It has been exciting and nerve-wracking and incredibly humbling. The truth is, none of us knew what to expect. We knew we had a gorgeous door, sure, and we also knew that Sarah - as much as anybody out there - really does embody that DIY-with-a-touch-of-style attitude we’ve tried from the start to embody at Semihandmade (she’s actually a LOT more stylish and cool than us, but you get the point!). Luckily, you guys responded, and for that we are forever grateful.

So here we are, one year later. To celebrate this special occasion, we're pleased to offer a brand new color to Sarah’s ever-growing collection: Juniper. Ever since Sarah fitted the kitchen of her Palm Spring getaway with green, we've been getting a lot of requests for that bold and beautiful shade. And for those of you thinking we maybe flirted with something similar last Spring… good eye. We did. It just took a lot longer dotting all the I’s and crossing the T’s than we expected. The good news is, Juniper is now ready to order for your Ikea kitchen, bathroom ormedia cabinets. 

Pictured: Supermatte Juniper Beaded
Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Ready for some even better news? Starting in January, Sarah’s five signature colors - Agave, Blush, Night Sky, Desert Gray and Juniper - will also available be available in our Slab and Shaker doors. 

Pictured: Supermatte Juniper Slab
Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Pictured: Supermatte Night Sky Slab
Image: Meghan Klein


This has been an amazing 2018, and we owe that to all our wonderful customers and friends. From all of us at Semihandmade, thank you very sincerely. We’re even more excited for 2019, and can’t wait to share what’s next (hint: something special with Chris Loves WhatsHerName)! 

Happy Holidays, 

John McDonald/Founder 


Pictured: SSS Juniper Beaded

Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel


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