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Introducing our New Sektion Kitchen Shop





For those that already know our doors for Ikea cabinets through the website, on places like Instagram or Pinterest, and especially to all our former, current and hopefully future customers, we thank you. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your love and support. As the guy that started this company while I was living in my workshop ten years ago, I’m especially grateful. 

Ten-thousand kitchens later, we’re not perfect but we are constantly striving to improve. The feedback we get every day is encouraging and infinitely helpful. We’re listening; you want things easier and faster. We do, too. So to manage the ever-growing demand for Semihandmade doors and to serve you guys even better, we’re launching our first-ever Sektion Kitchen Shop.

This is big. It’s also scary, nerve-wracking, and probably not quite ready. Count on it. I promise we’ll make it better. The truth is, up until now most of us around here were convinced an online kitchen shop wouldn’t work – way too many moving parts and potholes. We thought the best and safest way to process a kitchen order was through emails and over the phone. Sure, we’ve been selling hardware and Besta and Godmorgon fronts online for a few years. But not kitchens, not the whole package, and definitely nothing as clear, easy and comprehensive as what we’re going for here. 


We’ve changed our minds. See, if we’ve learned anything in the last ten years, it’s that if Ikea customers are willing to design and order their own kitchen themselves, they’re also probably willing to order the doors from a place like Semihandmade if you make the process easy. Or if you bribe them (more on that in a minute). From a practical standpoint, the Classic doors that initially made our name - one-of-a-kind, real wood veneers cut in sequence so that every piece fits in place like a puzzle - we just don’t sell as much of any more. What people want are our Supermattes and paintable DIY and Impression doors. And luckily, those styles come in standard sizes, they’re easily-replaced should a piece get damaged or mis-ordered, and (unlike with the veneers) there’s a lot less hand-holding required when ordering.   

Hence, this shop. We’re excited, it’s the future, and we think we’re really really close. 

Now about that bribe. To make the Sektion Kitchen Shop even better and iron out all the bumps, we need your help. Yes, you. So from now until we think we’ve got this shop humming (could be a month, could be longer), we are gladly and gratefully offering 20% off all our Semihandmade doors, drawer fronts, panels, trim and toe-kicks in unpainted DIY Shaker and Slab, textured melamine Impression, and our Supermatte thermofoils in Slab, Shaker and the Sarah Sherman Samuel collection.  (*20% discount has expired.)   

That’s pretty much everything we offer except Classic veneers, so yeah, this is big. 

Here’s the first catch: the only way you’ll get 20% off is if you’re willing to order your entire Semihandmade project online through the kitchen shop. Easy enough, right? 

Here’s a bigger catch: you can’t call for help with the shop. Period. So outside the possibility of a Hey-I-just-saw-your-amazing-deal-and-in-order-to-get-the-20%-off-I-know-I’m-not-allowed-to-call-for-help-but-I-just-have-one-or-two-really-teeny-tiny-questions-to-ask-before-I-get-started quickie call, don’t even think about it. Really. You can’t email or online chat about any project specifics either, outside maybe some before-you-start clarification. Other than that, nothing. We’re serious. That’s the only way this thing will work - throw it out into the wild, have you guys tell us what works and what we can live without and what for sure we should absolutely-positively throw away. And if that seems crazy or even a little foolish, we get it; a few employees here said the same thing. The good news is, we’re not leaving you hanging: within one business day of your order being placed, someone from our team will reach out to make sure everything is ready and complete! 


Make sense? There’s also a video I’ve made to hopefully make things even clearer. And as I said, if this is not for you, if you prefer the more traditional route of uploading your finished kitchen plans and going back and forth on a bid via phone and email, have at it. You’re in good hands. For anybody wanting our Classic veneers, that’s still the only way to order. For everybody else, enjoy. Now here’s the fine print: 

1) This offer applies only to Sektion doors, drawer fronts, toe-kick panels and trim. 

2) This offer does not apply to any of our Classic or Reclaimed doors. 

3) Any items already sold online on our SHOP page are not eligible for the 20% off offer (Lewis Dolin/SSS hardware, floating shelves, Godmorgon fronts, etc.). 

4) This offer cannot be combined with any other Semihandmade offer, promotion or discount (Semipro Trade members should opt for the larger 20% discount). 

5) This offer is only available to customers that haven’t sent their plans in yet; for anyone currently working with a Sales associate, we’re happy to offer 10% off your final price (this offer is not good in combination with any other Semihandmade discount). 

6) Outside of a standard 18” or 24” dishwasher panel, custom items like appliance panels and open bookcases are not available through the kitchen shop and do not qualify for this discount. To purchase them, you’ll need to upload the pieces separately through our CUSTOM PARTS form.

7) We strongly encourage you visit a showroom or order samples before placing your order. 

8) When paying online be sure to use the case-sensitive SEKTION20 discount code. (*20% discount has expired.)  

9) Within one business day, someone from Semihandmade will reach out via email to set up a confirmation phonecall. If you have any concerns or questions, this is the time to address them. Once your order is confirmed with our team, a contract will be sent for you to sign. At that point, the sale is finalized. 

10) Our standard Semihandmade Return Policy and lead-times apply.

To learn more about how we got started, click here.

Thanks again for the support, and we look forward to your feedback! 

John McDonald 

John McDonald

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  • Robert Mills Mills Remodeling & Design

    Just finished up a large install of Ikea kitchen cabinets in Port Townsend WA. with the semihandmade doors and trim. Wow! everything fit well. was on time, and when I had to ask what was a simple request from the office staff. Was treated with respect and was taken care of fast. You guys have it down. Will be installing new kitchen in my home this fall. Look forward to working with you all. Thank you, Bob the Builder. Chimacum, WA.

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