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FAQ Cabinet Paint

Do I need to sand DIY doors before painting them?

No, our DIY doors come pre-sanded. 


Do I need to use a primer?

Yes, we recommend priming your doors before painting them. Allow for at least one hour for the primer to dry prior to painting.


Do I need to use 2 coats of paint?

Yes, we recommend using 2 coats of paint to ensure proper coverage and durability. 


Do I need a top coat or sealer?

No, you do not need anything as a top layer.


How much does a gallon of paint cover? 

For 2 coat coverage, 1 gallon covers approximately 400 square feet and a 1/2 gallon covers approximately 200 square feet.


How much paint do I need?

Please refer to our guide for determining how much paint you'll need for your project.


How should I paint the doors?

We recommend using a paint sprayer for a seamless finish. If you can't use a sprayer, you can use a small roller. Always avoid using too thick of a coat. Less is more.


How long should I wait in between coats?

Wait one hour after priming the doors before painting. Your first coat of paint should be dry to the touch in 3 hours, but won’t be dry enough for a second coat for at least 7 hours. 


How long should I wait before installing the doors? 

You should treat the freshly painted doors with care for 7-10 days after painting. Painted surfaces are vulnerable to scratching/scuffing until fully cured. Backdrop cabinet/door paint requires at least one week to fully cure.


How is cabinet/door paint different than regular paint? 

This premium acrylic paint is optimized for your cabinets with a semi-gloss finish, extra durability, and high-quality pigments that apply rich color smoothly and evenly.


Is Backdrop paint environmentally friendly? 

Yes, Backdrop is proud to be Greenwise and Climate Neutral Certified. 


What is Backdrop paint made of? 

Backdrop is ultra-low odor and low-VOC (Green Wise certified), meeting the most stringent standards set by California’s South Coast Air Management Office. All paints are basically made up of solvents, resins, and pigments. Solvents serve as the liquid vehicle, resins serve to create a tight bond with the painting surface, and pigments create the paint color. Backdrop paints are all water-based (latex), made with high-quality acrylic resins and the best pigments.