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FAQ Our Doors Their Kitchen

Do you make doors that fit Ikea's discontinued Akurum kitchen system?

Absolutely. Not sure how to tell which system you have? Find out here.


What if I just need a few replacement doors for my older Akurum kitchen?

As noted above, we don't copy any of their door styles. If that doesn't work, you might need to get creative by threading in a few Semihandmade doors. Read blog posts here and here.

But you could also consider replacing a run of doors. For example, keeping the exisiting wall units and replacing the base cabinet fronts. Or vice versa. The same holds true for just replacing an island or wall of cabinets.

There really are many ways to get creative when it comes to replacing and mixing in new doors with older existing doors.


Do all your fronts come in the sizes that they offer?

Yes, we make all standard sizes that they offer.


Is everything pre-drilled to accept their interior hardware?

Yes, all standard doors and drawer faces are pre-drilled to function with Ikea's internal hardware (hinge, drawer). Panels, flip-up doors and trim are not drilled, please refer to our installation manual for tips on installation. As with Ikea, because panel installation can vary from project to project, no fasteners are included.


Do you offer dishwasher, refrigerator and other custom-sized appliance panels?

Yes, we offer cover panels for most panel ready appliances. Like all custom pieces, it is 100% the customer’s responsibility to provide the dimensions needed. The manufacturer is the best reference to verify the necessary dimensions. Please note: we do not drill for any custom piece, be it an appliance cover panel or otherwise. We also do not provide sub-panels, additional hardware or anything else necessary to complete an installation; this is entirely the responsibility of the customer or installer (this is industry-standard, and easy-to-follow templates come with the instructions).


If we've picked out door handles/drawer pulls we like, will you pre-drill the holes for them?

Unfortunately, no. Decorative hardware drilling is best done on-site.


Do you offer base, wall and tall panels?

We do! For more information, read the next answer below.


Any major differences between Semihandmade parts and theirs?

The biggest difference is our panels are 3/4" thick, and theirs can be as thin as 1/2" or 5/8."

Note: unless requested, our panels are over-sized to account for irregularities in walls, floors and ceilings. They are meant to sit slightly past or "proud" of the cabinet facing for the most built-in look. Base and tall panels are meant to go directly to the floor (as opposed to having the plinth/toe-kick return around the cabinet's side). It's not rocket science, but you'll likely need a table saw and chop-saw. For examples, please consult our Projects page.