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FAQ Pricing

How do your prices compare to Ikea's?

We used to spend a lot of time and energy comparing our door prices to Ikea’s, thousands of words stacked neatly alongside colorful graphs and charts and anything else we figured best conveyed the idea that a (much) smaller company like Semihandmade could (somehow) offer pricing that falls consistently within spitting-distance of a company the size of Ikea. Funny, right? Thankfully, we don’t bother anymore. As we’ve learned, comparing yourself to Ikea is like going toe-to-toe with Amazon; you can’t. So we don’t.

That in mind, here’s a list of what makes Semihandmade doors special, unique, and perfectly suited for your dream Ikea kitchen, bathroom, or media cabinet (and yeah, maybe even different from Ikea’s):

1) Semihandmade doors are proudly made in the USA. Maybe that matters to you, maybe it doesn’t (to us it does). Sure, we could make them overseas; they’d definitely be a lot less expensive. That’s not a dig at Ikea, it’s economics, and they’re the biggest and best furniture retailer on the planet for a reason.

2) Being small and nimble, Semihandmade has a lot more material options than Ikea does (not a swipe at Ikea; when you’re Apple- or Nike-big, it’s never a good idea to get overly cute with the selections).

3) Semihandmade offers things like appliance panels in custom sizes that Ikea can’t and doesn’t (outside of a standard dishwasher panel). Think Bosch and Fisher Paykel and Sub-Zero.

4) We pride ourselves on world-class Customer Service (even if we’re coming to you from Duarte, CA) – we’re here, we’re accessible, we’re never far from Social Media, and if you’re paying close attention you may actually bump into the guy that started the company on Instagram or at a design show or answering a question at


How much does a typical project cost?

Doing what we do, we can tell you that every kitchen is unique and different, so there's no simple way to answer this question. But, we've created an example kitchen setup to help you get a rough idea of what our different line of doors built to fit Ikea cabinets might cost.

Roughly, a typical kitchen remodel using the Ikea system will have fixed costs (cabinets, hardware, assembly, and installation) ranging from $3,000 - $6,000.

Using the example kitchen layout shown above, a Semihandmade order - for the doors, drawer faces, panels and trim - will be in the following range:

DIY Slab - $2,450
DIY Shaker - $2,775

Impression and Supermatte - $4,175 - $4,475

Appliances, counter tops, and any other expenditures are not factored into these estimates.