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80" Tall 4 PCS: 4 Doors (20" - 60" H) DIY / Slab
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80" Tall 4 PCS: 4 Doors (20" - 60" H) DIY / Slab

Material: diy
Style: slab

Made to fit any Ikea Sektion cabinet, our DIY doors allow for limitless choice! Featuring an unfinished surface that you can paint or finish any way you want. By choosing DIY, you can get the exactly the color, finish, and style you envisioned for your kitchen cabinet. Enjoy the freedom of “do-it-yourself" at its best!

Our DIY Slab style doors embody a stylishly contemporary look with sleek, modern lines. Often chosen for modern living spaces, they can be used to reimagine nearly any home and bring a timeless, curated look to your design.

This combination consists of:
- 2 x 20" H Doors
- 2 x 60" H Doors

Color: Slab

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Need a custom door size? Click here
Production lead time

Production Lead time

3 weeks

We understand the importance of keeping things simple and organized during your remodel. It’s also important to manage expectations. With that in mind, please be aware production lead-times on Semihandmade doors vary based on when your final plans are approved.

During checkout, you will have the opportunity to select what level of review you would like for your design plans.

If you choose to have “No Plan Check”, then the lead-time begins right away and lasts between three weeks.

If you select "Check My Plans", then it will be three weeks from the time the final plans are approved and any balance is paid. Please note that this is the production time only and does not include the shipping time for your order.

DIY - The Power of Choice

DIY - The Power of Choice

We’re proud to offer more than twelve colors in our Supermatte line to choose from. For those wanting even more options, we suggest our paint-them-yourself DIY collection.

DIY Slab: Clean and simple. All parts feature Maple-banded edges around an MDF core that provides an excellent painting surface.

Appliance Panels for your kitchen?

Looking for appliance cover panels?

This is one area where we differ from Ikea. We are able to produce appliance cover panels that make a real difference in bringing the custom look to your kitchen.

Helpful Painting Tips?

Helpful Painting Tips?

We always recommend hiring a professional painter to paint and finish your DIY doors. But for those who want to paint their own doors, here are some helpful blogs: Sarah Sherman Samuel, With Heart, A Cozy Kitchen, Live Free Creative.