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Professional Box - 24 Samples


Sample Boxes contain (24) 3" x 3" samples spanning all of our collections plus (1) 8" x 12" Shaker door. We offer two variations.

STANDARD - a mix of our most popular offerings:

8x12 DIY Shaker.

Pro Box includes: DIY Slab, SSS Agave, SSS Blush, SSS Juniper, SSS Night Sky, CLJ Cove, CLJ Saddle, CLJ Dusk, SM Desert Grey Shaker, SM Light Grey Shaker, SM Light Grey Slab, SM Grey Shaker, SM Night Sky Shaker, SM Black Slab, SM Juniper Slab, SM White Shaker, SM White Slab, Walnut, Oyster, Quarry, Smoke, Beach, Tahoe, Sonoma

SUPERMATTE - Pro Box includes: SM White, SM Grey, SM Light Grey, SM Black, SM Agave, SM Blush, SM Juniper, SM Night Sky, SM Light Grey Shaker, SM Grey Shaker, SM Black Shaker, SM Agave Shaker, SM Blush Shaker, SM Juniper Shaker, SM Night Sky Shaker, SM Desert Grey Shaker, DIY Slab, DIY Shaker, SSS Juniper, SSS Desert Grey, SSS Night Sky, SSS Blush, SSS Agave, SSS White and 8"x12" SM White Shaker

Samples ship out in 1-2 business days

No returns - sample sales are final