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Replacement Cabinet Doors, Drawers & Panels - Supermatte Slab

Measuring Guide (PDF)

You will order each replacement door or drawer front one by one. Follow the below steps and add each piece to your cart, then go back and enter your next piece. Be sure to have your measurements and specifications ready by reviewing our measuring guide before you get started.

  • Step 1: Select door style (material) and color choice. Please note—we don’t offer replacement fronts in Beaded or Walnut. Choose from available options.
  • Step 2: Select the type of piece you need. Door, drawer, base/wall panel, dishwasher panel, fridge panel, Lazy Susan, or diagonal cabinet or blind corner. For dishwasher and fridge panels, consult with your appliance manufacturer for the exact specs needed and to ensure that your appliance is panel-ready.
  • Step 3: Enter the piece's exact dimensions. Enter the exact measurement of the piece needed (according to our measuring guide) in the fields provided.
  • Step 4: Select your hinge. Choose your hinge based on the selections you made during the measuring process.
    • If you are reusing your existing hinges, select: No Hinges / Undrilled
    • If you are purchasing new hinges for framed cabinets, select: Framed Cabinet Hinges & Drilling (+$30-$40)
    • If you are purchasing new hinges for frameless cabinets, select: Frameless Cabinet Hinges & Drilling (+$30-40)
  • Step 5: Enter the quantity needed for that particular piece.
  • Step 6: Add to cart.
  • Step 7: Repeat steps 2-6 for each custom piece needed.

Important Reminders

  • All custom drawer fronts, base/wall panels, dishwasher panels, and fridge panels will come UNDRILLED, with no hardware. You or your contractor will need to drill onsite for these items.
  • If you are reusing your existing hinges and selected No Hinges / Undrilled at checkout, your doors will come UNDRILLED. You or your contractor will need to drill onsite for these items.
  • If you are purchasing new hinges from Semihandmade, your doors will come pre-drilled to fit the hinges that you selected (Framed or Frameless). This is very important as framed hinges will not work on frameless cabinets and vice versa.
  • Be sure to select the proper piece when entering your order. There are different types of hinges for standard doors, diagonal cabinets, blind corner and Lazy Susans—if you do not select the proper piece, your hinges will not be correct. Drilling and hinges for standard doors are $30 per door, and $40 per door for diagonal cabinets, blind corner and Lazy Susans.
  • Semihandmade is not responsible for incorrect measurements or identification of the type of hinge needed. Doors will be made to the exact specs and information provided during checkout.
  • Custom pieces are final sale only and cannot be canceled or returned.
  • Using any Semihandmade piece for a horizontal application (tabletop) is not covered by our warranty.
  • All custom pieces follow our current lead times and shipping policies based on the door style/color chosen.


  • There will be a $10 upcharge for doors that come with hinges, are drilled, and are more than 40" in height as they will need a 3rd hinge.
  • Regardless of style, any doors that are purchased drilled and with hinges, the maximum height we can make is 60".
  • Lazy Susans, Diagonal Cabinets and Blinder Corners have a maximum height of 40".
  • Shaker-style pieces have a minimum width and height of 8” x 8” and a maximum width and height of 24” x 60”—we are unable to make pieces smaller or larger than these specs.
  • Slab-style and Quarterline pieces have a 4" minimum and 95" maximum. The largest Slab piece available is 36" x 95". (60" maximum for drilled pieces, 95" maximum for non-drilled).
  • Certain material styles may not be eligible for drilling/hinges options. These styles will have the Hinge Type option greyed out.
  • All parts are made with a +/- 1/16" tolerance, which falls within accepted industry standards. Note: European hinges offer easy adjustment up/down, in/out, and left/right to account for any uneven gaps or cabinets being out of square; it should be assumed all hinges need adjustment once installed.


  • Please refer to our installation guide here.

Please enter the number of inches

Only numbers and denominators of /2, /4, /8, /16, and /32 can be used

Please enter the number of inches

Only numbers and denominators of /2, /4, /8, /16, and /32 can be used