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Want to skip IKEA completely? We now offer CABINETS to make your project even more custom! Learn more

Why Semihandmade + Ikea?

Everyone Deserves A Beautiful Space

We believe you shouldn't have to be rich or famous to have a personalized dream space you absolutely love. And since kitchens are the heart of every home, it's the perfect place to get started!

When we launched in 2011, we achieved our goal of making bespoke-looking kitchens accessible to more people by pairing Ikea's sturdy, dependable cabinet boxes with our cabinet fronts. The response was overwhelming! More people than ever before were able to create their dream kitchens in less time, for less cost.

Today, Semihandmade means more than just kitchens. We've teamed with top designers to create gorgeous fronts for bath, media, bedroom storage, closets, and more. We're now going on 20,000 home projects, and are immensely proud of every single one.

Join the Semihandmade movement!

We chose Ikea for a few reasons



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Lots of


Frameless Cabinets
= More Storage

Why Semihandmade? That’s easy. For starters, when purchasing an Ikea kitchen, they let you not buy their doors.

Who else in the cabinetry world lets you do that? Nobody. And because the door and drawer faces of your kitchen cabinets are what really define your room, why not take them up a notch or two? While you're at it, why not add even more details than a company Ikea’s size can’t offer?

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