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We’re proud to be the only company that offers replacement fronts for IKEA Akurum kitchens purchased between 2003-2014. Use the filter below to select doors, drawer fronts, panels, trim, and toe-kicks.

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DIY Shaker Door for Akurum 11 27/32" 23 7/8"

DIY Shaker Door for Akurum

$75.00 - $397.00
DIY Slab Drawer for Akurum 11 27/32" 30 3/16"

DIY Slab Drawer for Akurum

$23.00 - $330.00
DIY Slab Door for Akurum 11 27/32" 23 7/8"

DIY Slab Door for Akurum

$64.00 - $330.00

These Semihandmade cabinet doors are made to top Ikea’s modular Akurum system, which served Ikea customers’ kitchens from 2003-2015. If you have an Ikea Akurum system in your home, update your doors, drawers, and panels with our custom-looking fronts in 50+ shades, textures, and profiles.

In 2015, Ikea changed from their Akurum kitchen system to their current Sektion system. If you have the older system, Ikea doesn’t offer warranty coverage or replacement fronts. Update your doors at Semihandmade for a simple refresh that beats a full renovation.

Not all older Ikea kitchens are clearly marked, and some people moving into a new place have never had an Ikea kitchen before. So how do you know if you have an Akurum kitchen? Here are a few tips to easily identify which Ikea system you have.


Akurum systems have grey/white drawers (the sides and back are a silver grey color, and the bottom panel is white). Sektion systems have all white drawers (sides, back, and bottom panel).


Akurum systems have a single line of holes that run vertically down the sides of the walls and a butterfly shaped hinge. Sektion systems have two sets of holes that run vertically down the sides of the walls. The hinges come as a two-piece set with a base plate that connects to the cabinet wall and a hinge that attaches to the door front, allowing you to easily snap the door on and off.