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Whether you're outfitting a small washroom vanity or large master bath, Semihandmade's got the right option for you. Godmorgon will work for any sized project while Sektion is best for larger spaces. Ikea Godmorgon vanities are a great solution in any size bathroom, and we offer fronts in every one of our Semihandmade materials.
Note: Unlike with Ikea kitchens where you are able to buy the cabinets without fronts, you'll need to purchase the Godmorgon vanity as a complete set, and then replace the standard fronts with ones from Semihandmade. The good news is, our fronts are drilled the same as Ikea's, and easily pop on.

vanity sizes

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Godmorgon walnut

2 Drawers - 23 5/8" for Godmorgon

From $199.00

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Godmorgon CLJ

2 Drawers - 31 1/2" for Godmorgon

From $217.00

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Godmorgon beaded white

2 Drawers - 39 3/8" for Godmorgon

From $270.00

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Godmorgon shaker night sky

4 Drawers - 47 1/4" for Godmorgon

From $411.00

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godmorgon tahoe fronts

4 Drawers - 55 1/8" for Godmorgon

From $498.00



Customers with larger bathrooms who are able to accommodate the added depth of Ikea kitchen cabinets (25" deep as opposed to Godmorgon's 20") have gotten creative with the incredibly modular and versatile Sektion kitchen system. You’ll find examples below.

View SEKTION Bathrooms

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