A New Direction

A New Direction

We call our Semihandmade line of real-wood veneer doors Classic because wood is as timeless as the concept of home. Despite gradually expanding our offerings to include Supermatte thermofoils and Impression textured melamines, each year we’ve seen the number of Classic projects rise as the contemporary world continues to embrace natural materials in modern settings. We’ve enjoyed being part of this movement and, as we continue to grow, we want to do that in the most responsible and logical way.

As a company, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve. We’ve learned a lot from Ikea over the years; like them, we strive to give our customers a better experience and better products while also being mindful of our environmental impact.

Starting in September 2018, all Semihandmade Classic doors - including our ever-popular Walnut, Mahogany and Bamboo - will run with vertical grain direction only for all Sektion, Akurum and Besta projects. It’s a subtle change, but we think it will make a world of difference in delivering a greener, more versatile product.*

Image: Mike Conners


By switching to vertical grain direction only we’ll be able to maximize the yield on our material, thus creating far less waste and lessening the impact we have on our planet. We are proud to make this leap into a more planet-friendly way of using wood and think you’ll agree, the end results are truly breathtaking. 

More Versatile

Put simply, horizontal sequencing has its limitations. While undeniably gorgeous, runs of horizontally-sequenced material can stretch no longer than eight feet and seamlessly joining sections longer than that is challenging. Additionally, as time passes, adding or replacing horizontal material can be problematic since each piece has a puzzle-like quality. With vertical grain direction, only the individual cabinet runs in sequence, so adding and replacing parts is a cinch.


The world moves faster every day. At Semihandmade, we want to do more than keep up; we want to innovate. Offering only vertically sequenced cabinets allows us to shorten our lead times considerably; the switch eliminates time-consuming glue-ups, reduces complex door and drawer puzzling, and minimizes the chance of countless other little mistakes that slow the process down (they do happen!). The uniformity in grain also eliminates the back and forth of emails and phone calls, allowing you to (eventually) order your entire project on our online Kitchen Shop.

So there you have it. We’re excited, and we hope you are too!

For more information about our Semihandmade Classics, click here. You can visit our Kitchen Shop here.

Image: Amy Bartlam

Image: Bethany Nauert

Image: Mike Conners

* Plinth, light rail, upper trim, and any panels wider than 48” (with the exception of the 49 1/4” island panel) will have horizontal grain direction.

Top Photo: Amy Bartlam 


  • Semihandmade

    @Pamela Morris. That is something we will definitely consider in the future; for now, we’ve switched to a new material supplier and the cost is actually a bit higher but we think the more consistent grain and coloring (in addition to less waste) is more than worth it.

  • Pamela Morris

    Will you be reducing the costs of the doors and drawers since your costs will be reduced?

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