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Brands We Love: Rejuvenation

Brands We Love: Rejuvenation
Sep 30. 2019


Much like finding the right shade of white, choosing decorative hardware and lighting for your new kitchen or bath is not as easy as it looks. That’s why we are huge fans of Rejuvenation.

The Portland, Oregon-based company makes good design a little easier. Their authentic reproductions of classic hardware and lights will look fresh long after the renovation is over. (We know from experience!) More and more Semihandmade projects are featuring their distinctive lighting and hardware and we can see why!

We’re not the only ones who love Rejuvenation hardware on Semihandmade doors.


“Rejuvenation is timeless. Their quality is second to none, and even though everything feels so classic and historical, it somehow manages to feel fresh, too!”


- Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia


Pictured: Supermatte White Shaker / CLJ Cove paired with Larkin Bin Pulls in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Image: Chris Loves Julia



“I think Semihandmade and Rejuvenation is THE pairing if you want an accessible kitchen that can sit in almost any time period or any house.”


- Jessica Marés of @renovate108


Pictured: DIY Shaker paired with Massey Bin Pulls, Round Knobs, and Large Drawer Pulls in Aged Brass

Image: Renovate108



“We went with the Upton pull from Rejuvenation [in aged brass]. The color is stunning. It isn’t shiny but absolutely does not look dull and sparkles in the light. It pops off of the cabinetry beautifully. It is truly the jewelry to our cabinets.”


- Erin Conway of Kismet House


Pictured: Supermatte Night Sky Shaker paired with Upton Drawer Pulls in Aged Brass

Image: Kismet House



“Brass hardware is one of the easiest ways to try out the trend without fully committing to it. Whether you just change out the knobs on your dresser or the pulls in your kitchen, hardware is one of my favorite updates.”


- Shea McGee of Studio McGee


Pictured: Supermatte Black Shaker paired with Larkin Bin Pulls in Aged Brass

Image: Studio McGee



“Rejuvenation is absolutely a "go-to" for me. They have a quality and style I can trust when it comes to hardware.


- Jessica Marés of @renovate108


Pictured: DIY Shaker paired with Massey Bin Pulls, Round Knobs, and Large Drawer Pulls in Aged Brass

Image: Renovate108



More Rejuvenation x Semihandmade inspiration!

Pictured: Supermatte White Shaker paired with West Slope Drawer Pulls in Aged Brass

Image: House of Nguyens


Pictured: DIY Shaker paired with Massey Drawer Pulls in Unlacquered Brass

Image: Lauren Tierney


Pictured: Supermatte White Shaker paired with Vernon Bin Pulls in Polished Nickel

Image: Oak Trail Home


Pictured: DIY Shaker paired with Mission Bin Pulls in Polished Nickel

Image: @ringgoldhouse


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