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Calm and Clean Bathroom Using a Neutral Color Scheme

Calm and Clean Bathroom Using a Neutral Color Scheme
Sep 03. 2019

Door Materials: DIY

Design: Terri Glanger

Photographer: Terri Glanger Photography

Location: Dallas, TX

System: Sektion

Paint color: Sherwin-Williams Versatile Gray


The beauty of Ikea Sektion cabinets is that they're not just for the kitchen; you can use them anywhere in your home! Though we also make doors for Ikea's ever-popular Godmorgon vanities, the added depth and versatility of Sektion kitchen cabinets bring even more options for functionality and storage to any bathroom.

Our paint-ready DIY Slab fronts allow you even more customization when it comes to color and finish. They come unfinished and provide an excellent surface for the color of your choice.

Speaking of color, we're getting major spa-vibes from this neutral-toned bathroom. It's easy to see why neutral color schemes never really go out of style. The beige fronts and crisp white walls in Terri's master bath serve to create a space that is clean and calm. When done right, the neutral tones allow other elements such as the modern tub, brass fixtures, and that wonderful floor tile to really stand out.