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Contemporary White Slab Kitchen That's Full of Charm

Contemporary White Slab Kitchen That's Full of Charm
Nov 07. 2019

Door Materials: SUPERMATTE

Design: Bri Ussery

Location: Austin, TX


It's hard to go wrong with a white or mostly white kitchen. Unlike bolder colors that can flop, the neutral shade is not bound to ever-changing trends and will pass the test of time. Here's a fresh take on the modern white kitchen from Bri Ussery of E A / S T  co. that proves that simple changes can make a big impact in a kitchen.

Using white slab cabinets on white walls can quickly make a space feel cold and sterile, so it's important to keep them in balance by bringing in natural elements. To avoid creating a look that falls flat, Bri incorporated a natural butcher block countertop and floating shelves that instantly bring warmth and a rustic charm to this kitchen, while splashes of greenery add vibrancy to the fresh, white space.