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Innovative Solution to a Tricky Bathroom Remodel

Innovative Solution to a Tricky Bathroom Remodel
Nov 10. 2019

Door Materials: DIY

Design: Sarmerr Design

Location: Seattle, WA

System: Sektion


Semihandmade to the rescue! See how sarmerr_design took advantage of the versatility of Ikea's Sektion cabinets along with Semihandmade fronts to overcome their reno obstacles.


"Design was done, double sink vanity selected and then demolition revealed structural framing related to the stair below that couldn’t be moved. [A] custom solution had to be thought of quick and functionality had to be maintained.?
... insert Ikea cabinets, Semihandmade cabinet fronts."


Though we also make doors for Ikea's ever-popular Godmorgon vanities, the added depth and versatility of Sektion kitchen cabinets allow for more modularity and customization for the trickiest of remodels. 

Our paint-ready DIY Slab fronts give you even more customization when it comes to color and finish. They come unfinished and provide an excellent surface for the color of your choice.