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Sublime Remodel from Renovated Haven

Sublime Remodel from Renovated Haven
Nov 25. 2016

Door Materials: DIY

Design: Brock and Katy Dunlap

Location: Dearborn, MI

"For cabinetry, we went with IKEA cabinet boxes and Semihandmade DIY shaker doors that we painted ourselves. We LOVE our Ikea cabinet boxes. The organization of them is amazing. I find myself in Ikea often these days, constatnly trying to get ideas (and spending way too much money) trying to get the kitchen drawers and cabinets organized to perfection. The Semihandmade door fronts fit our cabinets perfectly and allowed us to go with bright-white wood doors rather than the only IKEA option of off-white."

- Katy @ Renovated Haven