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Wu Haus Kitchen Remodel

Wu Haus Kitchen Remodel
Apr 13. 2015

Door Materials: SUPERMATTE

Design: Allison Wu

Photographer: Allison Wu

Location: Portland, OR

"We spent a good amount of our budget on the countertops, the refrigerator and other design details. Where we chose to save money was on the cabinets. Custom cabinetry can get really, really expensive, so we decided to use IKEA Sektion frames and use semihandmade custom fronts/doors. I’m SO happy with how they look, and that we decided to go this route. Semihandmade has lots of options and I found them incredibly easy to work with."

Allison Wu @ Wu Haus

Note: Although this material has been discontinued, we think you'll love these alternatives... SM White Slab, SM Desert Grey Slab