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"How do I know if I have an Akurum kitchen?"

In 2015, Ikea changed from their Akurum kitchen system to their current Sektion system. What that means is lots of you out there have older Ikea kitchens that unfortunately, not only can they no longer service in terms of warranty, they don’t even offer replacement fronts if you want to skip a full reno and just want do a simple refresh. But, great news for owners of Ikea kitchens bought as far back as 2003: we can help!

Not all older Ikea kitchens are clearly marked, and some people moving into a new place have never had an Ikea kitchen before, so how do you know if you have an Akurum kitchen?

Here are a few tips to easily identify which Ikea system you have

1. Drawer

Akurum sektion drawer

Sektion: All white drawers.

(side back, and center bottom panel are all white)

Akurum grey drawer

Akurum: Grey/white drawers.

(side and back are silver grey color, bottom panel is white)

2. Hinges

Akurum sektion drawer

Sektion: Has two sets of holes that run vertically down the sides of the walls. The hinges come as a 2-piece set with a base plate that connects to the cabinet wall and a hinge that attaches to the door front, allowing you to easily snap the door on and off.

Akurum grey drawer

Akurum: Have a single line of holes that run vertically down the sides of the walls and a butterfly shaped hinge.


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