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Our Process

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We love Ikea's kitchen system for its modularity, flexibility and accessories. And the best part, you can buy their cabinets without having to buy their doors.

  • Use Ikea’s free online kitchen planner or visit your local Ikea store.
  • Prefer to work with a professional? Here are some of our recommended kitchen designers.
  • When you’re finished with your design save a PDF copy and please include cabinet dimensions and the Ikea parts/shopping list on your final PDF plans.


Don’t forget to create your plans with cabinets AND doors, along with the cabinet dimensions. This helps us know the door configurations you are looking for. When you submit your order to Ikea, just tell them to remove the doors from your order.


Example Design

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We know that making choices can sometimes be very stressful, especially when you’re presented with so many options. But we like to flip it and think of this as the fun part, this is where you can think about all that’s possible and the type of kitchen you really want.

  • Get inspiration from some of our past projects.
  • Browse our materials and find the door that defines your space. You can check out our lead times by materials here.
  • Order samples. (Free shipping for all samples within continental US, excluding professional box.)
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Now that you have your plans and know the door style you want, head over to our Kitchen Shop to order your Semihandmade doors for your kitchen. We recommend ordering our doors before placing your Ikea order as lead times vary by material.

  • After you’ve ordered your Semihandmade doors, take your final plans and shopping list to Ikea and purchase the cabinet boxes and all interior hardware (drawers, hinges, accessories, etc.) When placing your order with Ikea, tell them you would like remove all facing from the order (doors, drawers, panels and filler).
  • Elevate your kitchen with our smart and stylish pulls and handles.
Need Help? We can create your cart!

Need help?

We can create your cart!


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That wasn't so bad, was it? Some final thoughts

  • Your order will include an installation manual that will help you or your installer mount your new Semihandmade doors.
  • Our doors work seamlessly with the internal hardware you purchase from Ikea.
  • Looking for help with installation? Here is a list of some of our recommended installers.
  • Check out our video page to find some helpful installation tips.
  • Enjoy and share your new kitchen and don’t forget to tag with #semispaces