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SemiPRO: the smart designer's secret weapon.

Earn more by working smarter, not harder. Easier said than done? Not with our dual-level SemiPRO trade program! Join for free and get year-round discounts, freebies, publicity, professional resources, and now cash back at the SemiPRO+ level. Now that's what we call smart.

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Do more with SemiPRO.

Becoming a SemiPRO is simple and the benefits are huge. Share a little information about you and your business and we can get you building at PRO status. It's never been easier to choose Semihandmade.

SemiPRO helps you earn more.

This is a program for our most active SemiPROs. Once you spend over $10,000 with Semihandmade, you'll be enrolled in our SemiPRO+ program, and earn 5% cashback. Now that's a big plus!

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All the positives that come with PRO status.

*Discount doesn’t apply to custom pieces nor items already discounted as part of a limited-time sale

Join the program that's all PROs, no cons.

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Great Press

When you create great projects we love getting them out into the world and getting them published in top tier media. Share your photos with us and our PR team will actively work to promote us all. It's truly a team effort.


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"Knowing that I have a partner supporting my work through referrals, accessible samples, trade pricing and most importantly - communication, keeps me coming back."


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Become a SemiPRO and save.

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