DIY Shaker Door

It's easy to see why DIY Shaker is one of our most popular and enduring door options. As a fully unfinished, do-it-yourself option, there really is no limit to the color, texture and style; perfect for the hardcore DIYer, you handle the paint, lacquer or conversion varnish (and maybe even save a little money in the process)! 

Note: DIY Shaker doors are 3/4" thick, have 2.5" wide maple rails/stiles and an MDF inset panel, and are made in the USA. All parts are unfinished and unpainted. DIY panels are flat/slab-style unless noted and 3/4" thick (Ikea's are typically 5/8"). When installing, Semihandmade base, tall and wall panels are made to run straight to the floor and slightly past or "proud" of the door/drawer fronts for a more custom, built-in look (see the Installation Manual for more details). Glass-ready options are available for doors up to 40", however, the customer is responsible for providing glass. (Professional glass installation recommended.)

Please Note: 5" drawer fronts only come in slab options.