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A Semihandmade Kitchen Makeover with Orlando Soria

A Semihandmade Kitchen Makeover with Orlando Soria
Apr 17. 2017

Door Materials: SUPERMATTE

Design: Orlando Soria

Photographer: Zeke Ruelas

Location: West Hollywood, CA

"The best part of my renovation was working with Semihandmade to completely reorganize the kitchen and create a functional space to cook and host friends. Semihandmade is a revolutionary company that updates Ikea kitchens with custom-made doors to give the kitchen an upscale, fully custom look. It’s a great alternative to going full-custom, which can be very expensive since all the cabinet components are made by hand. My kitchen is tiny, so having an efficient, smart design with tons of storage was important. Working with Semihandmade was super easy. I just sent them measurements and a sketch of what I wanted and they figured out which Ikea components I needed to buy and created the custom doors for everything."

- Orlando