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Orlando's Stunning Kitchen Reveal



When LA-based interior design blogger Orlando Soria decided to renovate his kitchen, he knew he needed to strike a balance between leaving his usual on-trend mark on the space while also staying within a reasonabe budget. Happily, through careful planning and his usual creative flair, Orlando was able to accomplish both by mixing Ikea kitchen cabinets and our Semihandmade Supermatte doors.

The harmonious blend of our white wall and grey base cabinet doors framing the ornate floor tiles definitely enhances the kitchen's clean, contemporary styling.

Orlando successfully managed to further punctuate the grey color palette with pops of blue brought in with stunning Roman blinds and stylish accessories.

Image: Zeke Ruelas

Image: Zeke Ruelas

Image: Zeke Ruelas

The new space feels bright, airy and elegant. One of the problems Orlando had with his old kitchen was the feeling of over-sized appliances dominating the space. His first priority was to find better proportioned items to replace them with, and allocated a good part of his budget to that end. 

By combining Ikea's modular kitchen system with Semihandmade tall panels and appliance fillers, Orlando was able to encase both the fridge and the stacking washer/dryer in Semihandmade surrounds that provided not only a seamless look, they it opened up the rest of the kitchen up to more storage, entertaining and (yeah!) cooking.  

Image: Orlando Soria

Image: Zeke Ruelas 

You can read more about this fantastic transformation on Orlando's blog:

“Working with Semihandmade was super easy... I’m excited to finally have a kitchen so I can make dinner for friends and not have to do my dishes in the bathroom anymore. You gotta celebrate the little victories in life.”

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