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FAQ About The Doors

Are you affiliated with Ikea?

We are not affiliated or associated with Ikea in any way. All Semihandmade doors and parts are 100% after-market and meant to accessorize Ikea cabinet systems.


Which cabinet systems do Semihandmade doors accessorize?

We make doors that fit both the old and new kitchen systems, Besta (media), and Godmorgon (bathroom vanity).


Can you copy their existing door styles?

No, their door styles are completely their own. We do not copy or match Ikea doors.


What are Semihandmade doors made of?

The majority of Semihandmade doors consist of a substrate, or inner core, and an external material. The external material for our Supermatte, Beaded and CLJ doors is Thermofoil – a flexible vinyl that is heat-molded onto a substrate with a smooth melamine back. The external material for our Classic doors is veneer - a thin layer of real wood that is applied to both sides of the substrate. The external material for our Impression doors is textured melamine – a three-dimensional plastic. The substrate for our Supermatte, Beaded, CLJ, and Classic doors is MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard. The substrate of our Impression doors is Particle Board. Both MDF and Particle board provide the flattest and most structurally stable surface on which to apply our various materials. Our DIY Shaker doors have lumber frames and MDF panels. DIY Slab doors are MDF with maple edge banding. For more specifics, please consult our Materials page.


Do you make solid doors?

We do not make solid doors; the exception being our DIY shaker 5” drawers which are made of solid, paint-grade maple. Despite what you may have heard or read, and what may have been the case 30 years ago, solid wood cabinet doors no longer exist. Exposure to heat, moisture and sunlight force wood to expand and contract - it will warp, crack and cup otherwise - which is the reason for using veneer on MDF. Really, MDF should stand for "Miraculous Dense Fiberboard" because it performs so well and at a reasonable price.


How do the edges on your doors come?

Semihandmade veneer, DIY Slab, and textured melamine doors have 1 mil thickness edge-banding (Industry-standard is .6 mil). Our thermofoil doors have minimal-radius wrapped thermofoil edges. DIY Shaker doors come unbanded (all have solid wood rails/stiles) but decorative panels, like DIY Slab, have 1 mil nosing.


Do you offer glass doors?

The only glass doors we offer are Shaker-style, with the rails and stiles 2.5" (DIY) and 2" (Supermatte) wide. Because of the possibility of damage while shipping, and so you can get the exact type you want, those doors come without glass. It's also not uncommon for our Clients to mix some of their glass doors with ours. We do not offer "glass-ready" doors taller than 40". It is best to seek the assistance from a professional glass shop for proper cutting and installing of glass into our frames.


Do you paint your doors?

We don’t. If you want painted doors, our paint grade DIY Shaker and DIY Slab doors are perfect for you; we'll send everything unfinished and you can either paint the parts yourself or find someone local to get you the exact shade and tone you want. We do offer  a variety of color choices in our Supermatte collection that are made of thermofoil materials and ready to install.


What if I need to Add On to my project?

Please note, if your material comes from our Reclaimed or Classic lines, we are unable to guarantee the added-on product will be from the same batch originally ordered since veneers vary greatly in tone and pattern even within specified species. Additionally, sequencing for Add-On orders is not guaranteed.


How do I care for my doors?

Use a damp cloth with non-abrasive soap to clean your cabinets, and dry immediately. Never leave any water standing on cabinet surfaces. Orange oil/wax is also effective, as is mineral spirits, but please use sparingly. For more information, visit our Care & Cleaning page.


Where is the door material / style / color option that I once saw on your site?

We're always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Variety is great, but it can also create a lot of waste and redundancy. There's also the simple fact that tastes change and as we continue to grow and keep our pulse on the latest trends, it means our product lineup does go through some changes.


What are “sequenced" doors?

The word “sequence" refers ONLY to our Walnut doors. What it means, simply, is that the real wood veneer fronts fall in sequential order and are stamped as such for proper installation. 


Is there any size variance/tolerance I should be aware of?

Semihandmade works with the best cabinet door manufacturers in the U.S. All parts are made with a +/- 1/16" tolerance, which falls within accepted industry standards. Note: European hinges offer easy adjustment up/down, in/out, and left/right to account for any uneven gaps or cabinets being out of square; it should be assumed all hinges need adjustment once installed.