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How to Create Mudroom Storage in a Small Space

How to Create Mudroom Storage in a Small Space
Feb 13. 2024

white shaker cabinets in storage room


You know those tiny areas in your home that feel out of place and — let’s face it — a little awkward? From random closets to cramped powder rooms, every house has at least one bit of square footage that isn’t quite right. The good news is, a little vision and some storage can transform a dysfunctional space into something your family really needs. Take it from Lisa of The Coe Files, who recently transformed an awkward room in her home into a highly functioning mudroom, using Semihandmade doors on Ikea Sektion kitchen cabinets to tie it all together.


A Blank Slate


The home’s previous owners had been using this little square room as an office, but with just three small shelves and “sad old linoleum” flooring, the space was begging for a refresh. Located just off the home’s garage, it made perfect sense for the family to turn it into a mudroom.


white shaker mudroom


Much-Needed Storage


According to Lisa, the family downsized when they moved into this home, and they were missing the storage their old spot used to offer. She looked to Semihandmade to dress up her Ikea Sektion cabinets, noting that “you save a lot of money using the basic Ikea boxes, while still getting a high end look.”


storage room 

She opted for our Shaker style cabinet doors in the crisp White Supermatte finish to keep things timeless and cohesive with her home’s neutral aesthetic, instantly transforming the space and adding a functional spot for stashing everything from linens to household staples.


It’s All in the Details


While the cabinets are the focus and purpose of the room, Lisa and her husband used swoon-worthy details to take the design to the next level. They ripped out that linoleum and installed black hexagonal tile — a great option for the family with their kids and dog, and a fun, modern departure from the rest of the home’s wood floors.


white supermatte shaker style cabinets 

Then Lisa accessorized with black hardware and hooks to echo the tile’s hue, and a wooden bench to add a natural element to the room. She also opted for a simple Ikea flush mount to illuminate the space.



The final touch that ties that space together? Lisa added craftsman-style trim and swapped out the door to the space with a two-panel style, integrating seamlessly with our Shaker cabinet fronts and her overall aesthetic.


charcoal hexagon floor tile 

Form... Meet Function


Lisa truly transformed this space, adding much-needed storage to her home while incorporating unique design elements in materials that fit the bill for a busy family. She’s thrilled with the final product, and adds that she “will plan on using Semihandmade in the future for other projects similar to this in scale, or if we have a kitchen with a very simple layout and the time to do it ourselves, as I think the process of working with them was very easy and they make a great product.”


Get the Look


Ready to get started on your own mudroom makeover? To achieve Lisa’s look, check out all of the exact items she ordered from Semihandmade:


- 1 Upper trim (Supermatte White Slab) 5"x93"

- 2 Plinth/Trim (Toekick) (Supermatte White Slab) 5"x93"

- 1 Tall Panel (White Supermatte Slab) 26"x95"

- 2 30”x30” (Supermatte Shaker) Doors

- 2 30”x50” (Supermatte Shaker) Doors 


Looking for something different? Browse our full selection and get ready to see your space transform, whatever your aesthetic may be.


All photos courtesy of Lisa Coe.