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Achieving the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Look with Semihandmade

  Pleasant, comfy, and warm, a timeless farmhouse kitchen has always been a popular choice when remodeling a home. People...

Creating Your Home Office Using Ikea Sektion Kitchen Cabinets

We’ve collected our favorite client office projects using Semihandmade and Ikea’s Sektion line here to get your creative wheels turning, and even get the look yourselves.

Achieve the Glass-front Cabinet Look with Semihandmade

Glass-front cabinets create subtle mystery in a kitchen. While floating shelves put every object resting on it on full display, glass-front cabinets allow you to selectively show off dishware and special items while neatly organizing the not-so-pretty things within the unit for added practicality.

Getting Started with Your Semihandmade + Ikea Kitchen

We’re breaking down the ins and outs of the design process with Ikea, from the initial scheme to placing your final order, using Chris and Julia’s Fullmer kitchen as our guide. Read on for the details on how they put this jaw-dropping space together with Ikea and Semihandmade!

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Style: A Guide to Semihandmade Doors

What look are you going for in your new kitchen or bath? Classic or contemporary? Farmhouse or penthouse? You’ve probably spent hours trying to nail it down. By now you know that your cabinet style will play a big part in getting the new space right. We can help!

Creating Your Stylish Bathroom with Ikea Sektion Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to start your bathroom re-do? We’ve put together some of our favorite client projects using Ikea kitchen cabinets in the bathroom, and we think you’ll love this concept as much as we do.

Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets? Consider These Tips

It’s no secret the reason why many “dream kitchens” stay dreams is the price tag. And cabinets can be a big part of that. A smart way to stay true to your desired aesthetic while saving money is by designing a Semihandmade kitchen.

4 Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Transform Your Space

Two-toned kitchens catch the eye for a reason: the design not only fits the space, it makes it. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking with a single color scheme, mixing the tones of your cabinetry is a way to create visual interest and ensure your kitchen won’t look like everybody else’s.

How to Create Mudroom Storage in a Small Space

  You know those tiny areas in your home that feel out of place and — let’s face it —...

Why We Love Melamine and Thermofoil

You’re savvy, and you’ve taken the care to design and select everything that comes into your home. You deserve to know why Semihandmade works with the materials we do. Beyond insta-worthy style and affordability, there are many reasons why working with melamine and thermofoil is a smart—and aesthetically pleasing—move.

7 Tips for Scoring Big at an Ikea Kitchen Sale

About two to three times a year, IKEA offers you the chance to score a kitchen remodel at a discount during their IKEA Kitchen Events. You need to look at how they apply the discounts because they often vary by sale.

An All-Round Tidier Home with Sektion Storage

Finding a place to store and hide all the everyday items of our daily lives is a constant challenge for all of us. But IKEA’s practical Sektion storage units with our stylish Semihandmade doors offer some great non-conventional ways to maximize your storage and style needs.

Maximizing your Ikea Pantry

Channel your inner Marie Kondo. You know her, right? Today's authority on organization and tidying up our lives? None of that is possible without the accessibility and practicality that Ikea drawers and pull-outs offer.

Floating Shelves - Why Less is More

Foregoing wall cabinets in favor of floating shelves is not just a trend, it’s a movement. In one fell swoop, designers eliminate over-fitted spaces, introduce beautiful rustic tones, and balance modern cabinetry and appliances with artisanal style. Instead of hiding, we’re displaying; instead of tightening the space, we’re releasing it.

Saving Money on Your Ikea Kitchen: The Simplicity of a Semihandmade Bid and the Additional Costs of Others

 Question: I'm installing Ikea cabinets in my kitchen, but I want custom doors. I got another bid from another company, and...