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The Best Kids’ Storage Ideas Using Semihandmade Fronts on Ikea Sektion Cabinets



You have the onesies, the stuffed animals, and the collection of books sure to be treasured for years to come. But how will you store it all? And what happens when your little bundle turns into a not-so-little person, and accrues all of the stuff that goes along with it?


Pictured: SSS White Beaded
Image: Paige Christensen


While children grow, your home doesn’t have to turn into a mad mix of rainbow-hued plastic toys, dirty soccer cleats, or tea parties gone awry. Keeping your littles’ things neat and tidy is easier than you think. We are especially partial to Ikea’s versatile Sektion cabinets, and we’ve gathered some of our favorite projects that showcase the creative abilities of this collection with added details from Semihandmade. Read on to discover how you can keep the clutter at bay with these five smart storage ideas for kids.


On Display


When it comes to the future heirlooms and decor items in your nursery, you’ll want those on full display. Floating shelves or a piece with open spaces are perfect for showing off your favorite items. For more utilitarian essentials (diapers, thermometers, and the like), stick to drawers and closed cabinetry to create an organized, uniform look.


This Semihandmade client mastered the mix of open and concealed storage. Their nursery nook is full of charm in beautiful tones, and the shelving and drawer combination from Ikea’s Sektion collection, paired with our DIY Shaker fronts, stores baby’s keepsakes perfectly. She painted the piece with Benjamin Moore’s Gravel Gray, and chose beautiful leather handles to echo the hue of baby’s crib.


Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: Corner Oak Design


Changes are Coming


While the diaper changes may be unpleasant, the setting should be anything but. You want your changing table well-stocked with the essentials at your fingertips, all while sleekly stashing the odds and ends.


We highly recommend taking your cues from Semihandmade client Ariel Kaye, Founder and CEO of Parachute Home, who maximized style and function in her daughter’s nursery. She chose Ikea’s Sektion cabinets, pairing them with doors from our Sarah Sherman Samuel collection. Ariel then topped the cabinetry with a changing pad, making the post of the piece but also keeping it flexible for future years.


Pictured: SSS White Beaded
Image: Ariel Kaye


In the cabinets and drawers below are baby’s clothes and diaper-changing must-haves. She maximized the light in the space with a chic mirror and accentuated the look with floating shelves, tying together the nursery with personal touches.


Pictured: SSS White Beaded
Image: Ariel Kaye


Tackling the Toys


Once kiddos cross the toddler threshold and beyond, the toys seem to multiply. Allowing them to play with their favorite things while keeping your home tidy is key to keeping the whole family sane. There are multiple ways to make the most of your available space, conceal clutter, and maintain accessibility for your littles.


We love what this Semihandmade client did in their daughter’s room. They lined the wall underneath her window with Sektion cabinets, finished with a custom top and our Shaker fronts. Along with their sleek look and feel, they are great for keeping all of the bits and bobs of dollhouses, dress-up, and beyond. Their sturdy structure makes it safe enough for this little lady to explore every corner of her space, without leaving a huge footprint in terms of square footage.


Pictured: Supermatte White Shaker
Image: Katie Sullivan


When it comes to a playroom or family room, Sektion cabinets are pretty hard to beat. This client used Ikea’s hanging rail system to float their unit over a chalkboard-painted wall, concealing doodling supplies, unsightly television cords, and more behind sleek, simple doors. Installed at the perfect height both visually and for kids of all sizes, it keeps playtime at their fingertips and the look on point.


Pictured: DIY Slab
Image: Samantha Gluck


Homework Hub


As the kids get older, textbooks and homework supplies pile up. Having a designated area in the home with a desk, filing storage, and more is ideal and simply put together with some Ikea staples and Semihandmade love.


Create the ultimate homework spot like our client Jill Ellis did, creatively using Sektion cabinets complete with our Shaker fronts and a custom desktop. You can make this look even more kid-friendly by letting them choose their colors with our DIY options. 


Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: Jill Ellis


Stepping Up


What could be more exciting than a ladder in your room? Strictly for the big kids in the family, this fun solution allows you to build out your cabinets and wardrobe space up to the ceiling, still accessible with the rolling ladder. Using Ikea Sektion cabinets as an alternative to the brand’s Pax collection will also give you maximum storage and stylistic options. Your teenager will love this unique addition to their room, and you’ll love the added space.



Pictured: Supermatte White Shaker
Image: House of Nguyens


The options are endless for kids’ spaces these days, and Ikea and Semihandmade make it easy to simplify storage and maximize room for a growing family. Put your own kid-friendly look together and browse all of our cabinet and drawer fronts, shelving, hardware and more.


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