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Getting Started with Your Semihandmade + Ikea Kitchen

Getting Started with Your Semihandmade + Ikea Kitchen
Oct 23. 2019


You probably know Chris and Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia as true pros when it comes to all things kitchen design. After all, they did design an iconic collection for us at Semihandmade. These two kitchen connoisseurs have picked up an arsenal of tips and tricks on designing a space with Ikea cabinets over the years, and their project for the Fullmer family is no exception.



We’re breaking down the ins and outs of the design process with Ikea, from the initial scheme to placing your final order, using Chris and Julia’s Fullmer kitchen as our guide. Read on for the details on how they put this jaw-dropping space together with Ikea and Semihandmade!


Making a Plan


Start your design with your measuring tape. You’ll want detailed dimensions of your space, from the countertop depth, to the size of your sink, and everything in between. Whether you have an existing layout in your space already (like the Fullmers did), or are building your kitchen from the ground up, mapping out the footprint of every piece is essential before moving onto the next step -- using the Ikea Home Planner.



We highly recommend that every client use this free, handy tool on Ikea’s website. You’re able to not only accurately build out your dream kitchen, you’ll also begin to see your design come to life on the screen. Chris and Julia reworked the footprint of the Fullmer kitchen, and using the planner made it possible to visualize the new look.



When creating your kitchen in the Ikea home planner, it’s key to leave the doors and fronts “on” in the rendering. This way, our Semihandmade team knows exactly which door configurations you’re looking to create for your home. Save your design as a PDF, including all of the dimensions and Ikea parts in the final plans.


Placing Your Order


Once you’ve nailed down your design layout, it’s onto the fun part -- Choosing your material and style with Semihandmade!  You can maintain a singular hue throughout, or take a page from Chris and Julia’s playbook and combine finishes as they did for the Fullmers.


“We love the mix of fresh white mixed with our own line of Semihandmade doors, using the Cove color, which is a beautiful, durable light warm wood tone.”


- Julia Marcum of Chris Loves Julia



Once you’ve chosen the material and style that you love, go ahead and place your order on our site. Be sure to check that the measurements chosen align with your Ikea plans. We’ll get to work on your doors and other details, and you’ll then head to Ikea to place your order. Take your plans into the store along with your shopping list, and buy the cabinet boxes and all interior hardware. 


“You’ll still use Ikea’s hinges and toe kicks (the Semihandmade toe kicks attach to the front of the Ikea ones and are so much more sturdy and beautiful),” says Julia, “so when you are picking up your cabinetry at Ikea, you will need everything BUT the cabinet fronts, cover panels and filler pieces–all of those things are available through Semihandmade.” 


As Julia mentions, be sure to let Ikea know that you’d like to remove all facing from your order, including panels, drawers, doors, and filler.


Your Turn



While the Ikea kitchen design process might seem daunting at first, it’s much easier than you’d think. Just take the Fullmer kitchen -- you’ve now seen how Chris and Julia completely transformed the space simply using Ikea and Semihandmade resources, all available at your fingertips. 


If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help. And in the meantime, browse our Chris Loves Julia collection and catch more details on the jaw-dropping Fullmer kitchen on their blog!

All images courtesy of Chris Loves Julia