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Achieve the Glass-front Cabinet Look with Semihandmade

Achieve the Glass-front Cabinet Look with Semihandmade
Oct 30. 2019


Choosing cabinetry with glass fronts is a great compromise between traditional cabinets and floating shelves. On the surface level, glass-front cabinet doors might not seem as versatile and adaptable as other options, but that’s not the case.


Glass-front cabinets create subtle mystery in a kitchen. While floating shelves put every object resting on it on full display, glass-front cabinets allow you to selectively show off dishware and special items while neatly organizing the not-so-pretty things within the unit for added practicality.


Semihandmade makes it easy for you to achieve the glass-front cabinet look without settling for cabinets that aren't quite your style.


Why glass-ready doors?


Pictured: DIY Shaker / Slab
Image: Renovate 108


Semihandmade offers glass-ready doors in two varieties, DIY and Supermatte, for Ikea Sektion kitchen cabinets. Opt for DIY doors if you wish to completely customize your kitchen by selecting the exact paint color you’re eyeing for your cabinetry. In this bohemian Semihandmade kitchen in Thousand Oaks, California, husband and wife team, Jessica and Tyler Marés of Renovate 108, chose DIY Semihandmade doors and painted them in Narragansett Green by Benjamin Moore for added drama.



Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: Rosa Beltran Design


If you're not out to paint your own cabinets, choose from a variety of colors of pre-finished Supermatte doors that come ready to install. Either way, you'll get stylish cabinet doors poised for the perfect piece of custom glass.


Why is there no glass included?


Our Semihandmade glass-ready cabinet doors do not come with glass included, mainly for two reasons. First, this allows you to select the glass that fits your dream kitchen. Some of our clients like tempered glass, others preferred etched, and some don’t even go with glass, opting for stylish wire to display their home goods. Second, when it comes to glass, the risk of damage while shipping is quite high.


Purchasing the glass to fit Semihandmade's glass-ready fronts is easy. To buy glass, visit your local glass specialty store to view all of your options (there will be more than you think!) to find the glass that not only fits the doors, but fits your style, too. 


Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: A Cozy Kitchen


In A Cozy Kitchen's Semihandmade space, kitchen blogger Adrianna used Semihandmade DIY doors with tempered glass to customize her space and let her geometric serving ware shine.


Using the glass-ready doors in other ways


Pictured: Supermatte Light Grey Shaker
Image: Coco & Jack


It's no secret the glass-ready doors shine with custom glass, but there are ways to use Semihandmade glass-ready fronts without glass, like in this modern French country kitchen by Coco & Jack. In the space, golden wire takes the contemporary timelessness of Semihandmade light grey Supermatte Shaker fronts and injects a rustic element to balance out the cabinets’ elegance. The combo gives the space its French country aesthetic, and it’s only one interpretation of how Semihandmade’s glass-ready fronts can be used.


Pictured: Supermatte Antique Shaker (discontinued)
Image: Daly Digs


While Semihandmade glass-ready cabinets make it simple to add character to your kitchen, its true strength lies in its customizable nature. Change the color, swap out the glass, and your new kitchen will make your house, home.


Pictured: Supermatte Grey Shaker
Image: Paul Skikne


Considering glass-front cabinets in your kitchen remodel? Get inspired by these past projects.