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Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Style: A Guide to Semihandmade Doors

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Style: A Guide to Semihandmade Doors
Oct 09. 2019


What look are you going for in your new kitchen or bath? Classic or contemporary? Farmhouse or penthouse? You’ve probably spent hours trying to nail it down. By now you know that your cabinet style will play a big part in getting the new space right. We can help!

Semihandmade fronts on Ikea Sektion cabinets can take your kitchen or bath in any direction you want it to go. We know, because our customers have shown us the amazing “after” shots! They’ve used our cabinet fronts in so many different ways to create totally unique spaces. So for those of you just getting started, here’s the ultimate guide to all the amazing cabinet fronts we offer.




Pictured: Supermatte White Slab
Image: Bri Ussery


The Slab cabinet front is the simplest, cleanest look you can get. The surface is completely flat, with no beveled edges or fussy decorative trim. Slab fronts sit flush next to each other, giving your cabinets a practically seamless appearance. They are kind of a blank canvas, making them the perfect backdrop for bold hardware choices like Park Studio’s Half Moon handles. Slab fronts also lets other design features, like oversized floor tiles or dramatically veined marble countertops, take center stage. Want your kitchen to feel super sleek and modern? Pair our White Slab fronts with stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures. If you’re looking for a calm California vibe, you’ll find it with a Slab front in one of our beautiful wood finishes. Semihandmade Slab fronts come in nine Supermatte colors, six wood-grain finishes, and a paint-ready DIY version.




Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: Christina Wikman


A Shaker front is a simple frame surrounding an inset panel; this combination gives a nice depth to the surface of your cabinets. It’s an understated design that has been in the kitchen for ages. If you swoon over images of classic British kitchens, you know that Shakers look great with tried-and-true options like brass bin pulls (see Rejuvenation’s Vernon here) and marble countertops. That said, Shaker fronts are so versatile they can fit in almost anywhere. For a transitional design, mix them with reclaimed wood and galvanized-metal lighting for a kitchen that feels completely new! If you’re going for a fresh, bold look, try painting our DIY Shaker fronts in a fun color. And if that’s not your style, pair them with concrete countertops and exposed brick in an industrial-style space. The options are endless. Semihandmade Shaker fronts come in nine Supermatte colors, three wood-grain finishes (from our Chris Loves Julia line), and of course, the paint-ready DIY version.




Pictured: SSS Desert Grey Beaded
Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Beaded cabinet fronts are the opposite of minimal. Designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel, these fronts have vertical grooves running from top to bottom, spaced a bit more widely than traditional beadboard to give them a more contemporary look. The detailed surface brings a lot of warmth to whatever room they’re in, so they are the perfect choice if you want your space to have a homey, relaxed feel. They aren’t just for creating a cozy cottage kitchen, though: Use them to add a really nice texture to an otherwise simple, modern space. Semihandmade Beaded fronts come in seven colors.




Pictured: Supermatte Grey Shaker
Image: Paul Skikne


Semihandmade’s glass-ready cabinet fronts are Shaker style but they can be used along with any of our other cabinet fronts. Because glass reflects light and brightens a room, they are a great option for spaces where natural light is at a premium. Use them to make small spaces feel bigger: visually, they take up less space than a solid wall cabinet. Semihandmade offers glass-ready fronts in nine Supermatte colors and a DIY paint-ready version. We supply the cabinet front; your local glass shop can provide the glass insert. 


Pictured: CLJ Cove Shaker / Supermatte White Slab
Image: Sugar and Cloth


There’s no rule that says you can’t use more than one cabinet-front style in your kitchen or bath. Mixing classic and modern design is the definition of today’s transitional style, so it’s entirely acceptable to use Slab fronts on your upper cabinets and wood-textured Shaker fronts for the lower cabinets and island. Just remember to have fun with your design! Now that you’re ready to choose your cabinet front style, check out all of our materials and color options here