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Sugar and Charm and Everything Nice



There’s no better way to bring a dated kitchen into the here and now than with the right combination of a natural color palette and some stylish shelving. That's exactly what you're about to see in these stunning before and after photos of the recent remodel project by Eden Passante, founder of the amazing Sugar and Charm blog.

kitchen floating shelves and beaded cabinets

Image: Zan Passante


When Eden was looking to update her kitchen, her goal was to create a beautiful, light and airy kitchen using her favorite pale tones of whites and neutrals - contemporary, but charming. As is the case with many professional bloggers, her kitchen needs to function as both a workspace/photography set, as well as a functional family space. Whatever the aesthetic outcome, she had to get it right. 

before and after kitchen remodel

Image: Courtesy of My Domaine


Where to begin? 

While cute and quirky, the original kitchen was small and had an unusual layout. With the oven located behind a door and chunky overhead cabinets, the space felt dark and claustrophobic. In essence, the kitchen needed to: 

1. Lose the overhead cabinets 
2. Introduce cleaner lines 
3. Make better use of the space 

Eden decided to work alongside interior designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel to ensure the best renovation of her kitchen. A seasoned pro, Sarah knew instantly she could create something inspiring (and cost-conscious) with the help of our Semihandmade doors and some practical Ikea cabinetry.

floating shelves and beaded kitchen cabinets

Image: Zan Passante


Open Space

By swapping the dated wall cabinets for our natural oak floating shelves, Eden and Sarah were able to open up the kitchen and compliment the warmth of the shelves with light wood flooring.

Open spaces are great, but the problem still exists, “Where do you store everything?” To solve that issue, the opposite wall features floor-to-ceiling tall cabinets which gave Eden ample room for her storage needs (while also keeping everything hidden and all in one place!). Added bonus: the beaded detailing on her Semihandmade SSS Desert Grey doors further enhanced the open feeling with their long lines and visual complexity. 

tall beaded kitchen cabinet storage

Image: Zan Passante

The Sarah Sherman Samuel Collection

Our Sarah Sherman Samuel collection of 7 signature colors brings all Sarah’s key style points into play. Here, the beautifully rich grey doors matched with Half Moon hardware in milled brass fit perfectly with Eden’s love of modern style with character. We're thrilled with the result, and happy to see someone who loves entertaining in her home as much as Eden does get the right kitchen/workspace balance this talented blogger (and her family) so desperately needed!

Check out more about the project here.

For more Sarah Sherman Samuel inspiration check out our SSS collection here. 

kitchen island stools

Image: Zan Passante

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