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4 Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Transform Your Space


When you’re hunting for home design inspiration, you see a lot of pictures of kitchens. Scrolling through the sea of images of wood textures and granite, the spaces can start to look the same. Chances are, when you do stop scrolling, it’s for a kitchen that stands out because it looks different—in a good way.

Pictured: CLJ Cove / Supermatte White Slab
Image: Sugar & Cloth


Two-toned kitchens catch the eye for a reason: the design not only fits the space, it makes it. While there’s nothing wrong with sticking with a single color scheme, mixing the tones of your cabinetry is a way to create visual interest and ensure your kitchen won’t look like everybody else’s. That's where Semihandmade doors on Ikea cabinet boxes come in. Semihandmade’s cabinet fronts come in a range of colors, tones and materials, so you can create a stunning two-toned kitchen that’s sure to turn heads.


Color/Color: Boost contrast with light and dark colors


Pictured: Supermatte Black Shaker / White Shaker
Image: Studio McGee


Thoughtfully blending light and dark cabinets is one way to create aesthetically pleasing contrast in your kitchen. When mixing light and dark colors, keep your space’s open feel by incorporating the lighter color cabinets for the upper cabinets and the darker for the lower ones.


Pictured: Supermatte Black Shaker / White Shaker
Image: Studio McGee


In this Semihandmade kitchen in Salt Lake City, Utah, designer Studio McGee incorporated white upper Supermatte Shaker fronts and lower black Supermatte Shaker fronts to create a bright and inviting kitchen with high contrast. 


Color/Wood-Grain: Add texture with wood and color cabinets


Using the same concept as mixing cabinet colors, blend the natural texture of wood as a base with a lighter-colored upper cabinet. The darker wood grains can help to ground the room, while the lighter upper cabinets can keep your kitchen feeling airy.


Pictured: TahoeSupermatte White Slab
Image: Becky Kimball


In this Semihandmade kitchen in Salt Lake City, Utah, lower Impression slab fronts in Tahoe and upper Supermatte Slab fronts in white keep the space feeling minimalistic and open. 

Offset Island: Make a statement with a standout island

Sometimes it’s not the cabinets, it’s the island that makes the difference in a two-toned kitchen. As you're planning your next kitchen renovation, definitely keep this tip in mind! Incorporating an island that’s a different color than the rest of the cabinetry can shake up the look and deliver the feel your kitchen needs. Achieve a colorful island through Semihandmade’s DIY Shaker door front, like in this Columbus, Ohio kitchen. Our DIY Shaker door is easily paintable, so the possibilities are truly endless. 


Pictured: DIY Shaker / Supermatte Clay Shaker
Image: Beginning in the Middle


Color Block: Create a focal point through color blocking a wall


For a different approach to the two-toned kitchen, select one wall of your kitchen to highlight with cabinets of a different color, texture or material type. In this Semihandmade kitchen in Idaho, a wall of Chris Loves Julia cabinets in Cove bring an earthy texture to the space filled with Supermatte Shaker fronts in white.

Pictured: CLJ Cove / Supermatte White Shaker
Image: Chris Loves Julia


Want more two-tone kitchen inspiration? See how others combined different Semihandmade front designs to achieve the look.

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