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So, Ikea Discontinued Your Akurum Kitchen…What Now?

So, Ikea Discontinued Your Akurum Kitchen…What Now?
Oct 30. 2015

You don’t know how much you’ll miss IKEA replacement doors until they’re gone, and Akurum kitchen cabinet owners know that fact better than most right now. After two decades of reliable service, the Akurum kitchen was discontinued in February to coincide with the launch of Sektion, and as of October 2015, there are no longer any official Ikea Akurum door fronts. At all. In the world.  If you’re feeling down as an Akurum  owner, you’re not alone. A typical IKEA store sells 10 kitchens a day.  With 51 IKEA locations in the United States and Canada, that adds up to more than 180,000 kitchens a year. Semihandmade estimates that there are more than one million Akurum kitchens in homes all across North America, and all of them are out of luck if they need to replace water damaged doors or if they just want to update their style.


Cue the Superman theme because Semihandmade is here to save the day.



We have been making beautiful, long-lasting doors specifically for the last-generation Akurum system for years, and we still make doors that fit those cabinet frames. While you can’t get the official Ikea styles, you can choose from our selection of more than 30 different materials. Whether you prefer the endless creative options our paintable DIY Slab and Shaker doors offer, or our ready to install IMPRESSION and SUPERMATTE lines, or our Sarah Sherman Samuel and Chris Loves Julia designer collections, we give you options to skip a full renovation and keep your existing Akurum doors and just replace the fronts. 


IKEA may not have the supplies to get your Akurum kitchen in shape any more, but Semihandmade will always be here to make your cabinets look their absolute best.


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