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An All-Round Tidier Home with Sektion Storage

An All-Round Tidier Home with Sektion Storage
Feb 08. 2019


What’s the key to a happy and tidy home? Storage!

Finding a place to store and hide all the everyday items of our daily lives is a constant challenge for all of us. But Ikea’s practical Sektion storage units with our stylish Semihandmade doors offer some great non-conventional ways to maximize your storage and style needs. 


white slab media room

Pictured: Supermatte White Slab
Image: Courtesy of Colour + Color


Sektion – A Truly Versatile Storage System


Though Ikea’s Sektion cabinets are traditionally used in the kitchen, we find its versatility never-ending. And we aren’t the only ones, take a look at some of the great examples created by our customers: 


Pictured: Supermatte Grey Slab
Image: Courtesy of United Elite Group, Inc.


Pictured: Supermatte Black Shaker
Image: Lindley Battle


Modern Fireplace


white media center

Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: Gina Rachelle Design


In the San Francisco home above, Sektion units were used to flank and maximize the often dead space created around a fireplace. These symmetrical base units were finished with our DIY Shaker doors and brass hardware giving a sleek, streamlined finish. By adding floating shelves, the space offers a balance of storage and room for display. 


Style and Practicality


We all know having a tidier home makes you feel calmer and more organized. When you consider how much storage that kitchen pantries offer, why not bring that concept to other rooms of your home. The examples below by The Vintage Rug Shop does just that.


vintage rug shop pantry

Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: The Vintage Rug Shop


checkered sofa

Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: The Vintage Rug Shop


So much focus is placed on floor space that we often forget how much space that our homes actually contain. From the full wall of navy doors to the neighboring white base units topped with floating shelves - all available in paintable DIY finish - the creative use of wall space really makes this project shine.


Storage & Lifestyle


Sometimes it’s not only about storage, but adding a cohesive look to your home. This cozy little nook set-up beautifully ties the living room to the kitchen with a unified material palette.


desert gray beaded

Pictured: SSS Desert Grey Beaded
Image: Lauren Miller


These are just a few of the examples we’ve seen customers do with Ikea’s Sektion cabinets and Semihandmade doors. If you’ve created your own storage solutions we’d love to hear (and see) about it. The possibilities are endless!