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Achieving the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Look with Semihandmade

Achieving the Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Look with Semihandmade
Nov 13. 2019


Pleasant, comfy, and warm, a timeless farmhouse kitchen has always been a popular choice when remodeling a home. People are rediscovering this classic style in 2019 and we are not surprised. What’s not to love? If you’re looking to create a feel-good, cozy kitchen with a hint of minimalism, here are some ideas on how to implement modern farmhouse design using Ikea Sektion cabinets with Semihandmade fronts!


IMAGE: Kelsey Johnston


What Is Modern Farmhouse?


Homeowners want to create an environment that makes them feel good. True to the classic farmhouse style, a modern farmhouse kitchen elicits feelings of comfort and warmth, while staying up-to-date with clean and sleek lines. This look is all about mixing traditional decor with contemporary design. Best of all, incorporating a modern farmhouse style in your kitchen allows you to achieve a classic farmhouse look without your space feeling cluttered.


IMAGE: Big Sky Farmer


Items to add to your kitchen design plan/Common Elements


1.  Semihandmade Cabinet fronts - What makes Semihandmade stand out is that we offer appliance panels and customizable trim pieces for your Ikea Sektion cabinets that allow you to go floor to ceiling for an integrated built-in look. This streamlined cabinet layout and design will make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter! Our modern rustic Cove Shaker fronts make a statement while acting as a foundation to tie the whole space together. To replicate the everyday appeal of a modern farmhouse kitchen, pair them with Rejuvenation hardware for an effortlessly cool space.

IMAGE: Chris Loves Julia


2.  Color palette - Think of Scandinavian design and consider a neutral color palette. A white, classic kitchen with a mix of natural wood elements is a great place to start. Use a variety of materials and textures and don’t be afraid to mix different woods, fabrics (cotton and wool), and metals. You want your space to feel warm and comforting with wooden details but also sleek and modern to stand out and create interest.

IMAGE: Oak Trail Home


3.  Floating Shelves (Open shelving) - Keep your everyday mugs, bowls, and dishes within reach and on display, since they are constantly being used, this means less dusting!



4.  Library pendant lights - The simplicity of these pendant lights is timeless and a must for a classic farmhouse kitchen.

IMAGE: Peach and Pine


5.  Butler Sink/apron-front farmhouse sink - A classic, apron-front farmhouse sink will instantly give your kitchen a “farmhouse” vibe. Plus, you’ll never go back! A farmhouse sink is deep and spacious, allowing plenty of room for dishes, baby or puppy baths, and it looks stunning!

IMAGE: A Cozy Kitchen


6.  Complete the look with a few well-placed accessories, but keep them to a minimum. You still want to have a modern and clean-looking space!

    Get The Look:


    If you’re as inspired as we are, get the modern farmhouse look with our Semihandmade doors for Ikea’s Sektion cabinets, hardware, and floating shelves for your kitchen essentials. 

    Need help designing your kitchen? Visit our Design Resources page where you can connect with a designer who can help you achieve the kitchen that’s right for you!