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Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets? Consider These Tips

Remodeling Your Kitchen Cabinets? Consider These Tips
Sep 04. 2019


Sometimes creating your dream kitchen feels like a pipe dream. It’s the beautiful, functional space you visualize, but factors like cost can keep it in the future. But what if you didn’t have to wait for your dream space to be realized? What if you could get the design details you want now?


Pictured: Supermatte White Shaker
Image: 1111 Light Lane


If you’re reading this, you’re probably ready to create your dream kitchen, or at least researching options. You have a vision for your kitchen (or an entire Pinterest board, if we’re being honest), and there are several things to consider when translating your ideas to your space. 


Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: Angela Tafoya


You’re destined to get comments about why you chose your appliances or the brand of subway tile included in your backsplash, but what would a kitchen be without the cabinets? Cabinets set the tone for your dream kitchen—the feel your home has longed for. Here are five tips to remember when remodeling your kitchen cabinets. 


Know your floor plan


Does your dream kitchen mean a change in layout? Whether you’re trying to make the most of your pre-existing wall situation or changing to an open concept, we recommend designing your cabinet layout online with your floor plan. Using Ikea’s online planner, virtually plot out your space, so you can stay true to your desired kitchen look, whether it’s a new, open concept or sprucing up your space while leaving all of the walls in tact. The best part? It’s free.


Know your budget


Pictured: DIY Shaker
Image: The Habitat Collective


It’s no secret the reason why many “dream kitchens” stay dreams is the price tag. And cabinets can be a big part of that. A smart way to stay true to your desired aesthetic while saving money is by designing a Semihandmade kitchen. Ikea lets you purchase cabinet boxes without the doors, making it easy to seamlessly fit our Semihandmade cabinet fronts. It’s not a compromise—it’s a win-win. You’ll satisfy your budget but still get the look and quality you want.  


Incorporate floating shelves


Pictured: Maple Floating Shelves
Image: Cathie Hong Interiors


In addition to a swoon-worthy open feel, floating shelves can be a clever way to save money. Consider subbing them in for upper cabinets entirely, or picking a small section for them, depending on your space. Semihandmade’s floating shelves come in a variety of wood makeups, including oak, teak and mahogany, so you can add the right natural texture to your kitchen while breaking up the lines of cabinets.


Choose the front that’s just right


Pictured: Tahoe
Image: Oh Mid Mod


Selecting your cabinet front is, perhaps, the largest aesthetic choice you’ll face while renovating your kitchen using the Semihandmade process. What feel do you wish to cultivate in your home? Semihandmade’s fronts come in a variety of colors, textures and wood finishes, so the odds are good the kitchen fronts of your dreams are out there, in our mix. Consider ordering a box of Semihandmade samples to see what they look like in your space. 


Customize further with hardware


Pictured: SSS x Park Studio
Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel


Once your dream kitchen starts to take shape with the Semihandmade cabinet fronts, finish it off with hardware that matches your vision. We’re always on the hunt for unique designs for pulls, knobs and handles, like the hand-brushed brass Half Moon Cabinet Pulls by Sarah Sherman Samuel. And that’s just one style. Selecting the proper hardware will polish off your kitchen’s look and have your space party ready in no time.


Need more inspiration? 


Scroll through some of our past projects to see how others have incorporated Semihandmade fronts, floating shelves and hardware into tasteful designs kitchen dreams are made of. Tour the spaces for ideas you can use in your home.